Empress Business Solutions is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all team members working in a virtual environment. This policy outlines our approach to creating a safe, healthy, and productive work setting for employees, independent contractors, and interns.

Virtual Environment Safety:

  • Remote Work Setup:
    • Ergonomic Workspace: Team members are encouraged to set up an ergonomic workspace that prevents physical strain. This includes arranging a proper chair, desk, and computer setup to promote good posture.
    • Personalized Workspace: Create a home workspace that is conducive to productivity and minimally intrusive to your personal life, ensuring a clear separation between work and personal areas.
  • Mental Health and Well-being:
    • Encouraged Breaks: Regular breaks are strongly encouraged to reduce eye strain, mental fatigue, and promote good circulation. This helps in maintaining overall health and well-being.
    • Respect for Off Time: We respect your personal time off and advocate maintaining a work-life balance. Please communicate your unavailable times so we can honor them without intrusion.
  • Digital Security and Data Privacy:
    • Data Privacy: Team members must not share any login credentials or company proprietary information. This extends to sensitive client information.
    • Password Management: Use LastPass for secure password sharing and management. Avoid transmitting sensitive information through unsecured methods.

COVID-19 Specific Guidelines: For detailed information on our response to COVID-19 and the specific safety measures in place, please refer to our COVID Health/Safety Guidelines. This document includes additional guidelines for any optional in-person interactions and outlines our overall strategy for maintaining health and safety during the pandemic.

Communication and Support:

  • Regular Check-ins: Routine virtual check-ins with supervisors or team leaders help ensure that team members feel supported and can address any concerns.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Maintain and share a list of emergency contacts with your supervisor to ensure swift action can be taken if necessary.

Policy Enforcement:

  • Compliance: All team members are expected to comply with the guidelines outlined in this policy. Non-compliance may lead to corrective actions.
  • Policy Updates: This policy will be reviewed and updated regularly to adapt to new safety standards or changes in our operational model.

Feedback and Concerns:

  • Team members are encouraged to provide feedback on the work safety policy and suggest improvements. Any concerns about work safety should be promptly reported to HR or a direct supervisor.