Our Origin Story

In 2014, our founder ventured into the world of virtual assistance, initially as a temporary pursuit. Over time, our role evolved from mere task completion to collaborative problem-solving, crafting processes, enhancing client experiences, and simplifying complexities.

Conversations grew into strategic planning sessions, and we leveraged our project management expertise to provide clients with meticulously crafted blueprints for success. As our business evolved, we harnessed hidden technological talents, delving into website creation and the art of designing sales funnels. This allowed us to offer not only strategic advice but also the execution of ideas.

Today, our journey from a humble virtual assistant endeavor to a comprehensive digital agency fills us with pride. We’re excited about the future as we continue to embrace new opportunities, guided by the lessons of the past and fueled by the possibilities of tomorrow.


Our Ethos

At Empress Business Solutions, we stand as more than just a digital agency. We are a symphony of strategy, innovation, and execution. Our core? Collaboration. We harness technology to work intelligently, driving forward-thinking solutions tailored for entrepreneurs, non-profits, and local and state government entities.

Based in Atlanta, GA, our digital presence extends nationally, serving clients who share our passion for growth, innovation, and balance. Our team, hailing from diverse backgrounds, brings a wealth of expertise, creativity, and a touch of enthusiasm to the table.


Our Values

At Empress Business Solutions, our values serve as the foundation of everything we do. They represent the guiding principles that shape our approach to work and collaboration. We believe in these core values wholeheartedly, and they define our commitment to excellence and innovation in every endeavor.

Building long-term, collaborative relationships by aligning closely with client goals.

 Offering creative solutions tailored to unique client challenges and opportunities.

Upholding honesty and openness in all business conduct.

Staying nimble and responsive to evolving client and market needs.

Emphasizing the collective strength of diverse expertise and perspectives

Did you know…

Our clients often refer to us as their extended family because we believe in building relationships, not just contractual ties. If you’re a business aiming for the stars, a non-profit with a mission to change the world, or a government entity seeking modern solutions, we stand ready to be your strategic partner in the beautiful dance of business growth.


Join Our Journey

As we embark on new adventures and craft success stories, we invite you to be a part of our journey. Whether you’re seeking our services, exploring collaboration opportunities, or simply reaching out for a chat, our digital doors are always open.

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