Welcome to Empress Business Solutions

A Warm Start to Our Partnership

We’re thrilled to begin this adventure with you! This page serves as your comprehensive guide, filled with vital information to facilitate our journey together. It’s crafted to ensure our joint efforts are smooth and successful.

Use this page as your essential reference throughout our work. Embracing the entrepreneurial spirit means being flexible, yet we also uphold our unique guidelines to foster our collective achievements.

Let’s Dive In!

Keep an eye on your inbox for a series of emails containing crucial elements like our agreement, payment link, scheduling details, access to our project management system, resource requests, and more. These pieces will form the foundation of our work together.

Flexible Office Hours:

Flexibility is the perk of leadership. Generally, you can find us at our desks from 9 am to 3 pm EST, Monday through Thursday. However, life’s unpredictability means sometimes our schedule may vary. Please note that our focused service nature may limit our availability for unscheduled communications.

Observing Holidays and Travel:

We respect federal holidays and observe closures during Thanksgiving week and the two weeks around Christmas and New Year. These dates will be communicated in advance to align with your project deadlines. For vacations or travels that might impact your services, we’ll notify you a week ahead to make necessary arrangements.

Communication Guidelines:

Our primary channels of communication are email and our project management system, Asana. We encourage avoiding business communication via social media direct messages. A 48-hour window for email and Asana responses ensures thorough and accurate replies.

Project Updates and Interactions:

Your project’s progress will be regularly updated via email. Asana offers an overview and facilitates resource requests and feedback. Quick responses from you mean faster progress on our end. Bi-weekly project update calls are part of most services, and we invite you to schedule these via the direct link provided.

Collaborative Tools:

Depending on the specifics of your project, you’ll have access to the tools we use for seamless project execution. These may include:

  • Dubsado: Your go-to for contracts and invoices, ensuring all your important documents are organized and easily accessible.
  • Asana: Our primary platform for project management, Asana is where all project data and communications are centralized for clarity and coordination.
  • Google Drive: For convenient sharing and storing of documents, we may utilize a shared Google Drive folder tailored to your project’s needs.

Payment Process:

Ease of service is a priority. Following the terms agreed upon in your contract, payments are processed automatically. Should any issue arise with automated payments, we’ll reach out to discuss alternative solutions.

Online Availability:

Our team’s online visibility is essential for our work. However, visibility doesn’t always equate to immediate availability. We appreciate your understanding in this regard.

Feedback and Concerns:

Your satisfaction is paramount. Should any concerns arise, we encourage you to reach out for a discussion or email us at info@empress.work. Open communication allows us to address and resolve any issues, ensuring a fulfilling partnership.

Ready to Make Magic Happen?

Let’s set the stage for success. Together, we’re not just working on projects; we’re building dreams.