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Boss Up and Grow Your Empire: Add An Administrative Assistant To Your Team

Thinking about bringing on a (Virtual) Administrative Assistant but not sure what they can help you with?  Administrative assistants are great resources to take on every day, business essential tasks that you may not have the time for.  Here are a few things an assistant can take off your plate immediately: Calendar Management and Scheduling.  While many of us use online schedulers to connect with current and potential clients, sometimes you have thing appointments that need your personal touch OR events you’ve been invited to enter into your schedule.  Passing this task over to an administrative assistant can save you...

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Grief, Thyroidism and the Entrepreneur

This past weekend marked six months since we had the formal ceremony to say goodbye to my love.  I never knew that managing grief would be so hard, go on for so long and take a toll on my body the way it has.   For over the past 20 years I have suffered from a thyroid disorder – hypothyroidism.  I was diagnosed during my high school senior year at the age of 17, completely out of the blue.  I was actually at the emergency room for a totally unrelated issue when the doctor noticed a bulge in my neck and encouraged...

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Why Staying Constantly Connected Is Ruining Your Productivity

Let’s take a trip down memory lane.  Let your mind your wonder back in time… Think back to a time when a mobile phone was made simply for talking.  A time when you only got online was from the big clunky computer sitting on your desk… Do you remember?  Believe it or not, it wasn’t that long ago.   In the last decade or so, the technology genies brought us the wonderful inventions of smart phones, tablets, wireless connectivity, hotspots and a host of other awesome devices - all designed to keep us connected.  Combine this with the introduction of social media...

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